Great Potential Press Authors

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Amend, Edward R., Psy.D.

Assouline, Susan G., Ph.D.

Beljan, Paul, Psy.D., ABPdN

Caffrey, Janine Walker,Ed.D.

Chauvin, Jane C., Ph.D.
Cohn, Sanford J., Ph.D.
Colangelo, Nicholas, Ph.D.

Daniels, Susan, Ph.D.

Davis, Gary A., Ph.D.
Davis, Joy Lawson, Ed.D.
Davis, Stephanie, M.Ed.
DeVries, Arlene R., M.S.E.

Elyé, Beatrice J.

Engel-Smothers, Holly

Fisher, Tamara J., M.A.

Forstadt, Leslie, Ph.D.
Foster, Joanne F., Ed.D.

Gallagher, Rosina M., Ph.D., NCSP

Gilman, Barbara J., M.S.
Goerss, Jean, M.D.
Goertzel, Mildred George, B.A.
Goertzel, Ted George, Ph.D.
Goertzel, Victor, Ph.D.
Gore, Janet L., M.A., M.Ed.

Halsted, Judith Wynn, M.S.

Hansen, Ariel, M. W., B.A.
Heilbronner, Nancy N., Ph.D.
Heim, Susan M.
Hirsch, Gretchen

Isaacson, Karen L. J.

Karnes, Frances A., Ph.D.

Kerr, Barbara A., Ph.D.
Klein, Ann G., Ed.D.
Koenderink, Tijl
Kuzujanakis, Marianne, M.D., M.P.H.

Leavitt, Monita R.,  Ph.D.

Lipscomb, Jonathan, Ph.D.
Lupkowski-Shoplik, Ann, Ph.D.

Masiello, Teresa S., Ed.D.
Matthews, Dona J., Ph.D.
Maupin, Kate, M.A.
McDaniel, Stephen
McKay, Robyn, Ph.D.
Meckstroth, Elizabeth A., M.S.W.
Mendaglio, Sal, Ph.D.

Olenchak, F. Richard, Ph.D.

Peters, Daniel B., Ph.D.

Peterson, Jean Sunde
Piechowski, Michael M., Ph.D.
Piirto, Jane, Ph.D.

Reid, Lisa, Ed.D.
Rhodes, Celeste, Ph.D.
Rimm, Sylvia B., Ph.D.

Rivero, Lisa, M.A.
Roeper, Annemarie, Ed.D.
Rogers, Karen B., Ph.D.
Ruf, Deborah L., Ph.D.

Skinner, Wendy A.

Solow, Razel, Ph.D.

Tolan, Stephanie S., M.A.

Van Gemert, Lisa, M.Ed.T.


Watts, Jean
Webb, James T., Ph.D., ABPP-Cl
Webb, Nadia E., Psy.D., ABPdN
Wessling, Suki
Whitney, Carol Strip, Ph.D.
Willis, Judy, MD., M.Ed.




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