Joanne F. Foster, Ed.D.

Joanne Foster


Selected Articles:

Procrastination and Gifted Learners

Smooth Transitions in Times of Change

Children’s Tasks: What to AIM For

Why Should Creativity Matter to Kids?

Cultivating a Gifted Mind

D is for Development (from Parenting for High Potential)

F is for Fit and Flexibility (from Parenting for High Potential)

I is not for “I” (from Parenting for High Potential)

J is for Journey (from Parenting for High Potential)

P is for Productivity (from Parenting for High Potential)


Joanne Foster holds a a Doctoral degree in Human Development and Applied Psychology, and a Master’s degree in Special Education and Adaptive Instruction, both from the University of Toronto. She has worked in the field of gifted education for 30 years, focusing on ways to encourage and support high-ability learners. She writes extensively about intelligence, creativity, productivity, and procrastination.

Dr. Foster taught at Educational Psychology at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto for twelve years, and continues to provide leadership across Canada and beyond. She speaks to parent groups and educators about the complexities and implications of high-level development, facilitates community networking in gifted education, and writes extensively on gifted-related issues. Dr. Foster also writes the column “Fostering Kids’ Success” at The Creativity Post.

For the latest updates on Dr. Foster’s presentations, webinars, guest blogs, and articles, visit her personal website or the Beyond Intelligence website. Parents, teachers, other professionals, and students are welcome to connect with her on Linkedin and Facebook.

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