Karen L. J. Isaacson

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Karen Isaacson spent her growing-up years with a large family of quirky, gifted people. She now has five children of her own, who have carried on the fine tradition of being slightly eccentric individuals who show their creativity in their own peculiar ways. With all of this material to work with, Karen couldn’t help but write a book, which she titled Raisin’ Brains: Surviving My Smart Family. This book won the 2002 ForeWord Magazine Book-of-the-Year Gold Award for Humor. Each humorous chapter gently informs the reader about the traits of giftedness and creativity while emphasizing the value of the individual. Karen firmly believes that people are valuable precisely because of their uniqueness. She enjoys speaking on this topic and, as always, makes liberal use of humor to get her point across.

Isaacson is involved in a parent group that works to provide enrichment opportunities for the local school district. Although most of her time is spent being a mom, she dedicates every spare moment to the creative process, whether it is writing, painting, jewelry making, or remodeling her home. She lives in Montana with her husband, who has supported her in all of her creative endeavors, and her children.

More information on Karen Isaacson can be found on her website: www.kisaacson.com

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