Monita R. Leavitt, Ph.D.

Author of:

Monita Leavitt has been an educator for more than 30 years, including 16 years as a gifted education teacher. In 2002, she was granted a sabbatical to begin doctoral studies in England. After several summers working with teachers in Lithuania, she became interested in helping teachers there to stop the “brain drain” of bright students moving to countries with better education systems. As such, she trained teachers in strategies to better address the needs of gifted pupils.

Upon her return to America, Dr. Leavitt noticed a “brain drain” in public schools in Connecticut as well. She stopped teaching to start a new career as a consultant and now works training teachers in how to differentiate instruction to benefit all children, while providing challenge and motivation to bright children at the same time.

Dr. Leavitt received her Ph.D. from Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, England, her B.A. at Moravian College, Pennsylvania, and her M.S. at Central Connecticut State University. She has been published in educational journals and magazines and also has presented at national and international gifted conferences, including the 2001 World Gifted Conference in Barcelona. She lives in Connecticut, where she is a gifted coordinator, teacher, and consultant.

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