College at 13

College at 13

Young, Gifted, and Purposeful



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Razel Solow, Ph.D.Celeste Rhodes, Ph.D.


What is it like to be 13 and going to college? Is such radical acceleration helpful or harmful? This book describes 14 highly gifted young women, now in their 30s, who left home to attend college at age 13 to 16, skipping all or most of high school. The authors describe what the women were like as young college students; the leadership, idealism, and sense of purposefulness they developed, and their lives 10 to 13 years later. This inspirational book will help educators and parents  understand that gifted kids need academic challenge, that there are colleges with specific programs for such students, that it doesn’t harm them to leave home early, and that keeping them interested in learning is vitally important.


Length: 304 pages
ISBN 13 digit: 978-0-910707-10-7


Price: $26.95


This book gives a “face” to the robust research on acceleration and the extensive benefits of acceleration for students who are ready and motivated…. For those who are ready, it is not so much a radical acceleration as a radical fit.
Nicholas Colangelo, Ph.D., Myron and Jacqueline Blank Professor of Gifted Education and Director of the Belin-Blank Center, Co-Author of A Nation Deceived

Razel Solow and Celeste Rhodes spent nearly a decade studying 14 remarkable young women to provide readers with three-dimensional understanding of what it’s like to grow through adolescence with a hunger for academic challenge and for peers who can join them in exploring complex issues—and in giggling and eating pizza.”
– Carol Ann Tomlinson, Ed.D., William Clay Parrish, Jr., Professor, University of Virginia

This compelling and beautifully written book provides insight into the power of an early college experience in contributing to the talent development of an amazing group of young women…. [It] will help readers evaluate whether early college entrance is the right choice for the gifted students in their lives.
– Linda Brody, Ed.D., Director, Study of Exceptional Talent, Center for Talented Youth, Johns Hopkins University

I would recommend this book to parents who are trying to understand their gifted child, to teachers who have gifted students in their classrooms, and to administrators and board members who are responsible for making “best practice” decisions.
– Gifted education specialist, Linda Rummel, for MiddleWeb

Parents [will] …gain knowledge about how to encourage their child to live with purpose… this book [will] provide deeper understanding and tools to help their children thrive.”
Hudson Reporter article “When College Begins at 13”

Parents and educators considering early college admission for their child will benefit from this fascinating look at the world of early college admission.”
Augusta Free Press article “College at 13 Tackles Early-Entry Decisions”

[College at 13] urge[s] educators and policymakers to be open to letting gifted children move at an accelerated pace.”
On the Book Shelf in Brandeis Magazine

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