Gifted Children and Legal Issues  

An Update


Author(s): Frances A. Karnes, Ph.D., Ronald G. Marquardt, Ph.D., Esq.


Our brightest children are often neglected or even hindered by rigid school structures and policies on gifted education. This book reports court cases brought against schools from 1991 to 1999 concerning problems such as appropriate curriculum for gifted children, civil rights, and homeschooling. Parents can read about cases prior to 1991 in the book Gifted Children and the Law: Mediation, Due Process, and Court Cases, written by the same authors. Together, these books are the most recent compendium in book form of case law about gifted children and are important for the legal precedents established by the cases.


Length: 240 pages
ISBN 10 digit: 0-910707-34-0
ISBN 13 digit: 978-0-910707-34-3


Price: $12.95