Gifted Education Planner  

Inventories and Data Collection Forms (10 Sets of Materials)


Author(s): Karen B. Rogers, Ph.D.

*Supplements Re-Forming Gifted Education, also available on our website


Collect data to determine the type of gifted child you have; then make an education plan. Dr. Karen Rogers recommends that parents gather as much information as possible about their gifted child before going to the school to request services. Using questionnaires taken directly from the appendix of Dr. Rogers’s book Re-Forming Gifted Education, the Gifted Education Planner makes it easy for parents to help determine their child’s strengths, weaker areas, interests, and preferred learning styles. Armed with this information, parents then can meet with school staff to request and secure an appropriate educational plan. These questionnaires are a part of the documentation that parents can share with the school while advocating for their child. Materials include the Parent Inventory for Finding Potential (PIP) and a Yearly Educational Planner to develop a formal educational strategy.

Questionnaires include:

  • Attitudes about School and Learning
  • Reading/Language Interest
  • Math Interest
  • Science Interest
  • Social Studies Interest
  • Arts Interest
  • Rogers’ Interest Inventory
  • Teacher Inventory of Learning Strengths
  • The Data Collector


Length: 280 pages


Price: $35.95


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