The “I” of the Beholder

I of the Beholder

A Guided Journey to the Essence of a Child



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Annemarie Roeper, Ed.D.


In this book, renowned giftedness expert Annemarie Roeper explains her view of the inner Self of a gifted child and how that leads to her philosophy of education for gifted children. She believes that parents and teachers who understand the child can maximize the unique Self of that child and, in turn, create a more harmonious world, both now and in the future. Annemarie Roeper and her husband George founded the Roeper City and Country School in Detroit, Michigan, after immigrating to the United States from Nazi Germany. The school promoted a philosophy of community living and support for the growth of the academic, social, and emotional development of each child. In the 1950s, the school’s mission changed to focus on the specific needs of the gifted. Although Annemarie has passed, the Roeper School continues to exemplify the Roepers’ philosophy of rich learning environments, individualized instruction, and creative expression.


Length: 148 pages

ISBN 10 digit: 0-910707-78-2
ISBN 13 digit: 978-0-910707-78-7

Price: $18.95



This is a book of wisdom garnered over decades of work with gifted children. It is also a call for radical change in our understanding of education and a passionate plea to discover and honor both the essence of the individual child and the interconnectedness of us all. A must-read from one of our most gifted elders!”
Stephanie S. Tolan, M.A., Newbery Honor winning author and co-author of Guiding the Gifted Child

For over 60 years, Annemarie Roeper has envisioned a world that honors the growth of the Self. In this book, she combines the wisdom of experience with the stories of children and invites us to explore a judgment-free process that encourages the discovery and evolution of the true Self in an environment of openness and love.”
– Michele Kane, Ed.D., Associate Professor, Northeastern Illinois University

A visionary book capturing the real changes in consciousness that have been noted in gifted children throughout the world. Annemarie invites us to explore with her the inner depths of human experience the mystical and mysterious Self. She gives us a template for entering a child’s world without judgment, discovering the inner agenda of this precious Self, and nourishing its development.”
– Linda Kreger Silverman, Ph.D.,Director, Gifted Development Center

This is the most beautiful book about gifted children. Each sentence speaks volumes of truth about their emotions that we don’t even suspect are there. From the inspired allegory of the Self in dialogue to the concept of legitimacy, this little book calls to us to be read and reread so that we may absorb its profound perspective on children’s emotional and spiritual reality. This book is also unique in that almost all of the examples are of young children. Annemarie Roeper then does a remarkable fast-forward to growing up gifted, a new topic to us all.”
Michael M. Piechowski, Ph.D., Author of Mellow Out, They Say. If I Only Could. 

Nothing in your life can prepare you for what you are about to read in this exquisite book.  Annemarie Roeper takes us on a universal journey of self-discovery, and when you finish her book’s last chapter, you crave more of the wisdom within her insights. The “I” of the Beholder is a groundbreaking book, as Annemarie weaves together a human collage of gifted children and adults who will mold our world for the better, if only we give them the chance. I laughed, I cried, I reflected: This book is magnificent in both its scope and its importance. If every gifted educator and parent read this book, the lives of gifted children would be happier, healthier, and more whole.”
– Jim Delisle, Ph.D.,Professor, College of Education, Kent State University



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