Iowa Acceleration Scale  

A Guide for Whole-Grade Acceleration K-8 (2nd Edition, Complete Kit)


Author(s): Susan G. Assouline, Ph.D., Nicholas Colangelo, Ph.D., Ann Lupkowski-Shoplik, Ph.D., Jonathan Lipscomb, Ph.D., Leslie Forstadt, Ph.D.


*Complete Kit includes one IAS 2nd Ed. Manual and one set of 10 IAS Forms and Summary and Planning Records


The IAS is an objective guide for considering an individual child for academic acceleration. Developed and piloted by the Belin-Blank Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development at the University of Iowa, the IAS ensures that acceleration decisions are systematic, thoughtful, well-reasoned, and defensible. Designed to take personal bias out of the decision-making process when considering a child for whole-grade acceleration, the IAS requires assessment information (test and other data) and utilizes a child-study team format to come to agreement on a series of assessment questions related to the child’s motivation, school attendance, relationships with teachers and peers, and more. The IAS has been used in all 50 states, Canada, and Australia.

The second edition features:

  • Clearer specifications for appropriate achievement and ability tests
  • The inclusion of results from aptitude tests
  • An enhanced and clarified scoring system
  • New case examples of student acceleration
  • Updated references about current acceleration research studies



ISBN: 978-IASKIT-220


Price: $129.95



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