Jane Wins Again: Can Successful Women Have it All?





Sylvia Rimm, Ph.D.

Success/ Smart Women

How do successful and often gifted women achieve and keep on achieving? What began as a three-year survey of 1,000 successful women culminates fifteen years later in this capstone chronicle detailing both the research and stories of childhood and adult elements that help women achieve.

In this third installment, following See Jane Win and How Jane Won, Sylvia Rimm and her daughters expand on their original research and interviews with updates from a selection of women who reflect on their challenges and successes to offer advice and inspiration for young girls and women. With a long-term perspective towards life satisfaction, the book explores what works best for women and their daughters who want it all—education, career, marriage, children, and more.

 What reviewers say:

Jane Wins Again is full of advice and suggestions made in lists easy to read and can be used forever and ever. The stories told by these women are open and honest, full of heartaches even though these women are successful and have very important jobs. The combination of these stories and Dr. Rimm’s own words make this book a keeper.

—–Elaine Wiener, Associate Editor for Book Reviews for the Gifted Education Communicator and former Garden Grove Unified School District GATE educator.


Length: 412 Pages
ISBN 13 digit: 978-1-935067-28-3

Price: $26.95


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