Leadership Development Program:Leadership Skills Inventory

(2nd Edition, Set of 20 Forms)




Frances A. Karnes, Ph.D., Jane C. Chauvin, Ph.D.

*Forms Are Non-Returnable. (Includes ONLY one set of 20 Leadership Skills Inventory Forms)


Help pre-teens, adolescents, and young adults develop their leadership potential. This program is ideal for use in schools or in social, civic, or other organizations that emphasize personal growth and leadership. Each set of Leadership Skills Inventory Forms, for use with 20 individual students or adults, is to be used with the Leadership Development Program Manual. The Manual provides more than 100 easy-to-implement activities to help individuals enhance their specific leadership skills. The Forms, which can be used by children in grades six and up—even to adulthood—enable individuals to self-assess nine key areas of leadership. Once an individual scores the inventory, he or she can make a graph showing his or her high and low leadership skill areas. The individual then can focus on performing activities from the Manual designed to strengthen one or more particular areas of leadership. After some months practicing the activities, the person can complete the self-scoring inventories again to see where growth has occurred.

This program is well-liked by teachers, student councils, honor societies, scouts, religious groups, and various college and young adult organizations for assessing leadership potential. It is also popular with school districts that have leadership as part of their gifted education program because teachers can use it as a tool to measure student growth in various areas of leadership. These supplemental Forms are for replenishing the supply of Forms when a school or organization already has purchased the initial kit and has used the 20 Forms that came with that kit.


Length: 20 pages

ISBN 10 digit: 0-910707-38-3
ISBN 13 digit: 978-0-910707-38-1


Price: $21.95


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