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Bust Your BUTS: Tips for Teens Who Procrastinate

by Joanne Foster, Ed.D.

Get hundreds of tips to help teens get rid of some “buts” that are common to procrastinators: I have too much to do, I might do badly, I’m confused, and more! This is a great companion to Dr. Foster‘s book, Not Now, Maybe Later.


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Perfectionism: A Practical Guide to Managing “Never Good Enough”

by Lisa Van Gemert, M.Ed.T.

For perfectionists of all types, whether children or adults, this practical guide explains myths about perfectionism and provides a new paradigm with practical steps to turn the negative into positive, build resilience, and develop optimism. Goals, perseverance, mindset, and self-talk are emphasized.


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The Warrior Workbook: A Guide for Conquering Your Worry Monster

by Daniel B. Peters, Ph.D., Lisa Reid, Ed.D., Stephanie Davis, M.Ed.

The Worry Monster is a bully. This new journal gives kids their own workbook as an interactive, proactive, and hands-on way to more thoroughly conquer the Worry Monster who brings anxiety. Best-selling From Worrier to Warrior and Make Your Worrier a Warrior have significantly improved the lives of worriers and those who love them since Great Potential Press released these books in 2013.


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Misdiagnosis 2 Cover

Misdiagnosis and Dual Diagnoses of Gifted Children and Adults (2nd edition)

by James Webb, Ph.D., Edward R. Amend, Psy.D., Paul Beljan, Psy.D., Nadia Webb, Psy.D., Marianne Kuzujanakis, M.D., F. Richard Olenchak, Ph.D., Jean Goerss, M.D. M.P.H

Gifted children and adults are being misdiagnosed and given medication for disorders they don’t have. This much-anticipated second edition of a best-selling book is your guide to help prevent that. One of the biggest additions to this edition is the inclusion of the role of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5). Some of our brightest, most creative children and adults are misdiagnosed as having behavioral or emotional disorders such as ADD/ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, or Asperger’s Disorder. Many receive unneeded medications and/or inappropriate counseling. How can this happen? Many physicians, psychologists, and counselors are unaware of characteristics of gifted children and adults that mimic pathological diagnoses. Six prominent healthcare professionals describe ways in which parents and professionals can distinguish between behaviors that are pathological and those that are “normal” for gifted individuals.


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Bright Adults Cover Great Potential Press

Bright Adults: Uniqueness and Belonging across the Lifespan

by Ellen Fiedler, Ph.D.

Explore unique challenges faced by bright and gifted adults throughout their life stages, beginning with age 18. These individuals often do not see themselves for the complex adults they are. This book addresses their needs to belong, to remain authentic to their identities, to contribute to the world, and to find challenge and meaning in life when faced with issues of multipotentiality, idealism, and feelings of isolation. From decisions about college and graduate school to first jobs and career paths, from marriage and parenthood to aging and death, Fiedler provides thought-provoking insights and advice on the lives of bright and gifted adults.


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Not Now Maybe Later: Helping Children Overcome Procrastination

by Joanne Foster, Ed.D.

This book is written for parents and teachers as a guide to understanding procrastination, primarily in children, and to provide tips for helping children develop skills to improve their productivity. Procrastination relates to many important aspects of life, including success and failure, school-related and other activities, an individual’s thoughts and feelings, and motivation. The book provides lots of straight-forward strategies for children to use (now, not later).


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Smart Girls 2014

Smart Girls in the 21st Century: Understanding Talented Girls and Women

by Barbara Kerr, Ph.D.  and Robyn McKay, Ph.D. 

Drs. Barbara Kerr and Robyn McKay tackle what it means to live with, work with, and be a modern smart girl. Through their keen insights and academic research of real girls and women, they offer valuable information and advice on giftedness, achievement, self-actualization, and more.

They examine **Bright girls’ development **Types of intelligence **Differences in generations
**Eminent women **Barriers to achievement **Education & growing talent **Adolescence & college
**Gifted minority girls & women **Twice-exceptionalism **Career guidance


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Cheating Dishonesty and Manipulation

Cheating, Dishonesty & Manipulation: Why Bright Kids Do It

by Kate Maupin, M.A.

A shockingly large percentage of gifted students self-reported that not only had they cheated in an academic setting, but they had also never been caught. Bright children try to manipulate parents and teachers for many reasons—boredom and a lack of appropriate challenges, social anxiety and a need to fit in, fear of failure, or simply avoiding responsibility. Kate Maupin addresses the symptoms, the underlying causes, and how to address roots of the problem, rather than simple punishment, so that children do not become repeat offenders.


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Jane Wins Again: Can Successful Women Have it All?

by Sylvia Rimm, Ph.D.

In this third installment, following the best-selling See Jane Win and How Jane Won, Dr. Rimm expands her original research and interviews with updates from a selection of women who reflect on their challenges and successes to offer advice and inspiration for young girls and women.Jane Wins Again explores what works best for women and their daughters who want it all—education, career, marriage, children, and more.


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