SENG now has online parent training groups! The groups bring 10 to 15 parents of gifted children together to discuss topics including communication, motivation, discipline, intensity, perfectionism, and peer relationships. The facilitator is knowledgeable about parenting and educating gifted children.  They also use Great Potential Press’ A Parent’s Guide to Gifted Children.


Training for SENG Parent Support Groups

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The SENG model for parent support groups is described in the book Gifted Parent Groups: The SENG Model. A two-day training workshop builds on that training manual and provides intensive focus on the content and training for facilitators of these groups, as well as opportunities to practice group facilitating skills under supervision. The training workshop involves actually facilitating parent groups, including extensive role play, and culminates in the development of an action plan for establishing SENG model groups in each person’s setting.


SENG Training Workshop Information

SENG discussion group objectives:

  • To provide a setting where parents of gifted children can interact with other parents and trained leaders to receive support, guidance, and professional advice
  • To develop and enhance parenting skills that nurture the emotional development of gifted children and their families

Who should attend SENG training?

Persons with some prior knowledge of the special needs and characteristics of children with high potential and who desire to facilitate parent groups in an encouraging, non-confrontational style. This might include:

  • Coordinators of gifted programs
  • Teachers
  • Experienced parents
  • Social workers
  • Pyschologists

Who sponsors SENG model training?

  • Local school districts or in-service committees
  • State or area education agencies
  • State or local gifted/talented associations
  • Local foundations or mental health agencies
  • Parent groups or individual participants

For training in the SENG model:

Local sponsors provide:

  • Registration of 15 to 25 participants
  • A workshop site with tables to accommodate the participants, plus additional rooms for evening support groups
  • Parents of gifted and talented children to attend a support group the evening of the first day
  • Beverages for breaks and/or a continental breakfast each day

Workshop leaders provide:

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